With Credit Boost Source, anyone using their 9-digit SSN generated by the Social Security Administration can benefit from tradelines. They are a spectacular tool that can help you accomplish your lending needs, any type of consumer lending really (loans may include mortgage, credit cards, autos, business, personal, etc)… though expecting them to be the magic lamp you rub to grant your wish of a 760+ FICO is to paint them with too broad a brush. Everyone’s report is as unique as they are. In essence, your credit report is your financial DNA. This is why we ask to speak to everyone who purchases from us and give them a free, personalized consultation to make sure tradelines (and which tradelines) are right for them.
We have Authorized user Tradelines only at Credit Boost Source
Selling Primary Tradelines is financial fraud. It is illegal to take a loan, or debt, and place it on someone’s credit bureau as their own debt in the primary position. There are many businesses that sell Primary Tradelines, but all of these businesses or individuals are breaking the law. Doing business with such people should be carefully considered and is a significant risk. The only legal way to put data on your credit reports that does not belong to you is through Authorized Users. The best way to get Primary Tradelines is to get ones you are approved for in your name.
If you do not have any credit established, you have what is called a thin file. There will be more steps to complete the process, but in almost every way, you have an advantage over anyone with established credit. You will see outstanding results, usually scores in the upper 700’s from just adding a single tradeline. You will still need to add another line to have 2 or 3 total on there, as lenders usually will not give approvals with only a single credit reference on a report.
As far as posting, our contractual guarantee is that we will post our tradeline(s) within 60 days. Usually it takes no longer than a month, at maximum, and is average somewhere around two weeks. Within that guarantee are others: we guarantee the line(s) will post to 2 out of 3 bureaus, but we cannot say which 2, and most of the time they post to 3 out of 3. We also guarantee that all of our lines will stay on for the paid for amount of cycles, be it 2, 3, or 4; also that all tradelines have perfect payment history and are below 10% utilization. If, for whatever reason, a line does not post to 2 out of 3 bureaus, we will always offer you either a replacement or a full refund of your money.

We do not work with CPNs. All of our clients are subject to verification via a third party background social security check and identity verification. Client represents and warrants that they are the individual to whom the Social Security
number provided to Credit Boost Source was issued to by the Social Security Administration.
Client declares and affirms under the penalty of perjury that the Social Security number and
other information contained in their application with Credit Boost Source is true and correct, is
not a CPN, EIN or any other number other than a Social Security number issued to the Client
by the Social Security Administration. Client acknowledges that if they make any
representation contrary to this that is false, Client could be found guilty of criminal charges,
fined or jailed. You will forfeit your right of refund if you attempt to defraud Credit Boost Source and submit anything in lieu of your personal Social Security Number.

We can post tradelines, on average, within two weeks, and you will likely not have to wait longer than 4 weeks at maximum to see results.
If you want to purchase just one, a good budget is $350-$1,500 (for the absolute best–a line like this would be over 50k and have good history). If purchasing two, your budget should be from $900-$2,000. We can fit 3 tradelines into a budget under 2k, but these would be lower limit/age tradelines.
All of our tradelines are sold for a minimum of 2 cycles, which is approximately 47-60 days. We also have unique packages with tradelines sold for 3-4 cycles. These tradelines are for people with goals that take longer than the standard 2 cycles. If you want to compare our lines to other companies, this is usually the question that gives an apples to apples comparison, as we leave our lines on 2x as long as most of our competitors. We’ve found that it usually takes longer to accomplish lending needs than people realize.
No. We sell all of our tradelines for a minimum of 2-cycle increments in order to protect our cardholder and provide the buyer with the extended benefit of extra cycle.

Yes, we can extend an order if circumstances call for it, for another two cycles. We do need advance notice of this, about three weeks before the line will drop off. We also sell packages with specific tradelines which will automatically be added for 3 to 4 cycles.

The main benefit of purchasing tradelines is time. As an example, let’s say you have cleaned the negatives off your report, or you have a nearly blank file for whatever reason (never used credit, are very young, etc), then the traditional process would be to get a secured card, or some type of credit building loan, and pay on these for 6 months to a year before you are able to even think of applying for an unsecured card, get a mortgage, etc. Tradelines will give you the same, and usually much better, results in as little as 14 days.
Any positive data you put on your report will have an impact. How much depends on what you already have on your reports. We recommend that people try to get themselves into the best possible position to take maximum advantage of the tradeline(s) boost. If you do need your credit repaired, we can refer you to one of our trusted affiliates.

Most credit repair is done in 30-60 days, and longest is usually a maximum of five months. Credit Boost Source does not offer traditional credit repair services.

We usually suggest a minimum of 2, and sometimes 3. In specific cases, one solid tradeline (larger limit/history) may get you the score you need.
On average we see a jump of 10-40 points per tradeline posted. This is a conservative estimate and will vary case by case. We’ve seen 150+ jumps if the reports are in sufficient order before tradelines are added. Please keep in mind that if your score is already good, the jump will not be as much as there’s less room for impact. However, it may improve your overall credit file and the length of your credit history.
This is up to each individual. There is nothing illegal about adding an authorized user and in turn receiving a credit boost, but plenty of sites will disparage their use, mostly in cases where these sites/businesses wish to sell you something along a more traditional product line, e.g. standard credit repair. Not to engage in whataboutism, but is it ethical that the credit bureaus take and consolidate your information to create their scores and sell to private companies without your consent? This is the system we are working within. Tradelines offer a shortcut, and they can cut years off of building a great credit score. This organically happens every day as family members, domestic partners, friends and business colleagues add each other to the tradelines on their personal credit cards. The financial institutions do not impose any restrictions to add authorized users to a tradeline without personal relationship to the authorized user.
Primary tradelines are in the first position, which means you own them. Purchasing these is getting involved with financial fraud. Authorized User tradelines are in the secondary position, as you are not the primary cardholder, and are the only legal way to add data to your reports that does not belong to you.
This depends on what you do while the tradelines are there. Your score may drop, as the data being reported will no longer provide the boost.
We do not add tradelines for businesses. Unlike personal credit, business credit reports data to Dun & Bradstreet instead of Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Therefore, adding tradelines to businesses is not practical or possible. To learn more how to build your business credit profile please visit www.dnb.com However, if you are a personal guarantor you will be required to have strong credit yourself and may need tradelines to improve your personal credit profile.
Yes, we do our due diligence to make sure that all customers who purchase from us are who they say they are and are representing their true data. This is to prevent people whose intentions are to commit fraud. We utilize a multi-layer verification system that allows us to identify any potential red flags in your application and the identity information that you furnish to us. Clients verification is our top priority.
We have encrypted servers where we store customers data. After 90 days, we purge customer data from the site.
We are the only company who verifies and protects our clients and cardholders to the degree we do. This means that our lines are at lower risk of shut down. We’ve been in business over five years so we are able to offer battle-tested advice. We consider customer service and education more important than profit. We view the failure of our education system to inform the populace about the very important and vital subject of credit, so we don’t mind answering any and all questions regarding your situation and the general state of the credit industry. We have contracts and guarantees in place to protect you as a consumer and inform you fully before you sign with us. We do not advise purchasing tradelines if it is not in your best interest, ever.